Have you ever walked into a room and felt that something was wrong or left you feeling uncomfortable in your house? Some spaces are full of ‘stuck’ energy, which can be caused by three things: physical dirt, existing energy, and clutter. Physical dirt always attracts and accumulates low energy which is why it is so important to keep your home clean. Existing energy, whatever happens in a building, soaks into the walls, floors, furniture, and objects. This type of energy is similar to physical dirt and even though it cannot be seen many people can perceive it.

Why it's important to keep your home clean. Find out how clutter affects you 27

What is clutter? (Why is important to maintain a clean house)

According to the dictionary disorder is “lack of order; disorderliness; lack of organisation, discipline; disorder”. House Clutter can be divided into:

  1. things you don’t use or don’t like,
  2. things that are disorganized or scattered,
  3. too many things accumulated in a small space,
  4. unfinished things.

Things you don’t use or don’t like

Used and loved objects have a vibrant energy around them. On the other hand, unused, neglected, or unwanted things are surrounded by static energy which can make all the energy in the house static. Because we are energetically connected to all the things we own, when our home is filled with things we love we are bathed in positive energy. Clutter, on the other hand, drains us of energy and the more we keep unhelpful things around us the more we will be affected. When we get rid of all those things that no longer help us we will feel physically and mentally lighter.

Things that are cluttered or scattered

Even when you have things that you love and use if they are thrown around and you can’t find them when you need them your house is still cluttered. Everyone’s life is better when they know where everything in their home is. That doesn’t mean everything in your home has to be perfect, but the way your home looks is a reflection of what’s going on inside – if it’s cluttered on the outside chances are it’s the same on the inside.

Too much stuff in a small space

Sometimes we simply don’t have enough space for what we’ve accumulated over the years. Therefore, we need to be very careful not to cram too many items into the house because we will feel suffocated. A good rule of thumb is that every time you buy something new you should give away something old.

Anything unfinished

It’s harder to see and easier to ignore than the other types of clutter but the effects are even stronger. Unfinished things in the house reflect unresolved problems in your life, problems that drain you of energy. From small things like fixing a dripping tap to bigger tasks like redecorating the house, they all have a negative effect on the energy in your home. Once you’ve completed all these projects, you’ll be amazed at how much your energy levels will increase.

How clutter affects you and your house: 

Makes you feel lethargic and tired

Most people who are always collecting things say they don’t have the energy to start tidying up and sorting out the things they need and the things they need to get rid of. The stagnant energy that builds up around clutter creates this fatigue and lethargy. Cleanliness releases clutter and gives you more vitality.

It makes you lazy

If clutter surrounds you, you tend to put off doing what you need to do. Clutter steals your energy and you don’t feel like doing anything. People who have started to tidy up their home and life feel motivated to get on with the tasks they have been putting off.

It can make you depressed

Many people who are depressed are living in a mess. If you’re so sad that you can’t even think of starting to clean up, try getting rid of things on the floor. That way, you’ll lift your spirit and energy level. Ask for help if you feel the need.

You need more time to clean the house

It takes twice as long to clean a space full of objects, as they need to be cleaned too. Just think what you could do with the time you use to tidy up.

You will feel disorganised

How often do you lose things? How much time do you spend looking for something, giving it up only to find it months later? Disorganization means wasted time.

Why, though, do people keep clutter in their property?

Our possessions also reflect certain moments in our lives that we don’t want to forget. Remember how many women keep their wedding dress in their closet and then never take it out to look at it again.

Keep things they may “need” someday.

It’s one of the most commonly used excuses why people keep things they no longer need. We know that “thoughts create reality” so if you’re worried that you’ll need an item after you’ve thrown it away, your subconscious will generate the situation where you’ll need that thing. Then you will say “I knew I would need it one day”, without being aware that you created the situation. If you have a lot of these things in your house, you are telling the Universe that you don’t trust it to give you the things you need.

The belief that more is better

In Western society many people have countless knives in the kitchen – one for cutting small things, one for big things, one for medium things and so on. But in Asian countries, people use one knife for everything. We have our brains brainwashed by advertising companies into thinking we need all those knives. That’s not true at all!

If they paid money for them, you can’t throw them away.

Many people refuse to get rid of the clutter in their home until they feel they have not received the value they paid for in return. This also applies to items they have paid very little for. Remember that good things don’t come easy in your life if you block energy by keeping items you no longer need. Relax a little and see what happens.

Give up

When something comes into your life enjoy it, use it well and when the time comes give it up. Just because you have something doesn’t mean you have to keep it forever. You are only a temporary guardian of the things that pass through your life. The beginning of the year is the ideal time to start getting your house in order, so get to work.


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